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Track List:
1 Remény
2 Dear Miners
3 Raubbau
4 Viktoriastadt
5 Űgynök Túra
6 Letter I
7 Dreymeny
8 Guenhwyvar
9 Tükl-12
10 Letter II
11 Der Gelbe Schrecken
Release Date: 07 October 2016 (digital, cassette); 07 November 2016 (vinyl)
Grimény are: Falk Meutzner (git, bs) | Torsten Lang (drm, synth) | Nico Vetter (git, bs)

Grimény is a coinage of grim and the Hungarian word ‘Remény’: a dark hope. The instrumental three-piece is based in Berlin, but the members are spread to Dresden, Berlin, and Cologne where they play main guitar and compose in their respective other bands (Falk: Lord Gecko, Torsten: Excessive Visage, Nico: This April Scenery). The band was conceived in September 2014, collecting countless kilometres ever since, facing all kinds of obstacles a DIY group is challenged with. Grimény has two different sets of songs in which Falk and Nico change their respective instruments, while Torsten stays on drums and synthesizers.
‘Die große Enttäuschung’ was recorded in an abandoned furniture factory close to Dresden where the band also lived and slept. The old wooden floors and worn-down walls created not only a very gloomy and dense tone for the record but also set the atmosphere for the recording.
The leitmotif and translation of the trio’s first record is (the great) disappointment. The German word can be read as an unveiling of an illusion, but could be interpreted as the mystification and enchanting of things regular to our experience. The record describes the journey of a couple of children to the moon, where they have to extract valuable resources. The mines however are responding to the exploitation: shadows and imps are attacking the miners. Eventually, the children are left behind waiting for their destiny. The story is outlined through spoken-word passages: the welcome speech of the mining officer — voiced by Carel Struycken, known as the actor of the giant in the Twin Peaks series and Lurch from the Addams Family — and two letters sent from children back home.
‘Die große Enttäuschung’ brings together experimental post rock, math and space rock and is available as tape via Already Dead Tapes (USA), double vinyl, or download on the band’s website.

Listen and buy at BANDCAMP.

GUITARS AND BASS BY Falk Meutzner and Nico Vetter
VOICES BY Carel Struycken, Larissa Blau, Maria la Portuguesa

PRODUCED BY Nico Vetter and Torsten Lang
RECORDED IN Ottendorf-Okrilla – Studio 1893
MIXED BY Nico Vetter and Torsten Lang
MASTERED BY Torsten Lang
PAINTING BY Larissa Blau